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Missing Student's Body Found in Purdue Dorm

The body of Purdue University freshman Wade S. Steffey, 19, missing since Jan. 13, was found in a utility room at a dorm on campus.

Steffey was found in a high-voltage utility room in the Owen Hall dorm. He apparently died from accidental electrocution.

A utility worker discovered the body Monday when she was called to investigate a noise apparently coming from the room.

Purdue spokesperson Jeanne Norberg said that Steffey probably tripped over some wires while searching for his coat after attending a fraternity party over the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

After Steffey went missing, large searches were organized and the dorms were checked, including the utility rooms. Norberg said the location of Steffey's body, hidden behind a transformer, would have made it difficult to see him. To completely check the room, Norberg said all power to the residence hall would have had to be shut off.

An independent investigation will continue.