February 28, 2007

Camp SpongeBob?

Mall of America officials announced this morning they have signed an exclusive deal with the Nickelodeon network for branding-rights to the mall's amusement park.

The park, formerly known as Camp Snoopy, has been officially lacking mascots since failing to reach an agreement with the company that owns the Peanuts characters last year. The mall has been calling its large indoor rides and attractions area "The Park at MOA."

The deal could prove lucrative; SpongeBob SquarePants, one of its most popular cartoon characters, grossed $1.5 billion from toys, commercials and theme parks in 2004, according to The partnership also may add fuel to the mall's plans for a $1.9 billion expansion that would about double its size and add a parking garage. The plan also seeks $234 million in state and local subsidies.