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Videos that cause laughter

I asked around for some of the funniest videos on Youtube and here are some of my favorites that were suggested:

The Classics:

Charlie bit my finger
This video was the most suggested video by those who responded to my request. Its extreme popularity with over 65 million views has caused a craze of reenactments being posted on Youtube as well.

Numa Numa
The first few times I saw this video when it just became popular a few years ago I didn't find it funny what so ever. I would probably say I was more annoyed by the video and I couldn't believe that this is what some people do in their spare time. For some reason a friend of mine convinced me to watch it one more time in attempt to prove to me how funny it was and for some reason that night I appreciated it for what it was worth and laughed myself to tears. This video has been a phenomenon on youtube with over 20 million views and why I consider it to be a classic.

More Cowbell- Saturday Night Live
All I have to say is that this is the most memorable Saturday Night Live Skits.

New Favorites:

Yes Dance
The first time I saw this all I could do was laugh. First of all Robert Hoffman III is a genius when it comes to choreography and to see him using what he does best to make people laugh makes for an amazing combination. He has done many videos that can be seen on his website punchrobert.com, but this is by far my favorite.

The Lawrence Welk Show- Saturday Night Live
When I was home for Thanksgiving break, my mom and I were watching a rerun of Saturday Night Live. As soon as the title for the skit came on my mom started dying laughing. Half way through the skit she had tears running down her face because she was laughing so hard. She used to watch the actual Lawrence Welk Show when she was little so she connected with the skit.