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Energy's In The Air


Andy Goldsworthy discusses ideas of energy, transformation, and flow in his work. From rocks and leaves to icicles and twigs, he brings us on a journey of tranquility - of pure awe in his work and his philosophies. After viewing Rivers and Tides, I began to think about my contributions to the constant change and energies in and of this world, and also the contributions of others. Additionally, how in this city can one view change, see the energy, feel the transformation?

From seas of hurried people to lanes of speeding cars, the city experiences energy - just one that differs from the natural energy in Goldsworthy's documentary. While we watched the train of leaves flow gently down the river, bending and folding, picking up speed and slowing down, the energy oozes and compels the snake-like figure farther and farther down the river. Unflinchingly and with agitation we honk at passing cars, speed from one stoplight to the next, ride sickeningly upward in the circular parking ramp, warp though space in elevators – all with the energy of the chain of leaves – but with the same purpose?

downtown minneapolis.JPG

Does this ebb and flow of people in the city become something as good and something as powerful as what Andy Goldsworthy has discovered in nature? Do we give something in our everyday lives that can be transformed into something more than we ever thought it would? Are we ever transformed by the city?