September 10, 2007

Justin Gerber

My name is Justin Gerber. One of my major passions in high school was football. I played for the Elks, that was the name of our school. I was a two year starter on the varsity level. The two season that I started were not some of the best at Elk River. We went one and eight both years, it was embarrasing! I played D-back. I had a good season my senoir year as I had three interseptions and only one touchdown given up. In fact according to my count the recievers that I covered only caught a total of like 16 catches. That is pretty good considering there is eight games, averaging two catches a game. I also was a punt and kick returner. I never really made any big mistakes, gaining positive yards after every catch, and never missing a catch. I had two large runs of 50 and 60 yards. This is the basics of my football career at Elk River.