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I have been interested in this upcoming smoking ban as of late. I have even written my argument paper on the issue. And an article in the Minnesota Daily, titled "Smoking ban is unnecessary," stuck out to me. Here is the link: The article is against the smoking ban, while mentioning a number of issues; although, he or she doesn't back up the arguments made with actual evidence, just thoughts the writer has. This raises questions such as: "What about the role this ban plays as a public health policy?" and "How does this ban affect a community of students that seek social justice and freedom of rights?"
The author mentions the, obvious, difficulties of the ban. Namely, the fact of how big our campus is, in comparison to our satellite universities; and, the point that this ban is a distraction from other crimes. The writer, later, writes about the idea of "if something is broke, why fix it?" in reference to the current policy; the raising problem of disposal of cigarette butts; smoking isn't a major health risk that calls for a ban; while also, mentioning of the price of living in a diverse place would be experiencing people smoking.
It's not that I don't agree with the arguments set forth, which by the way I don't agree with, it's more I find that these arguments aren't a sufficient reason to disagree with the ban. This article sounds like an angry student rant, complaining, he or she, won't be able to smoke on campus anymore. And that writing this, someone will listen and agree with his or hers skewed thought process on this very real policy. In this class we have looked at countless arguments and have judged and discussed them on their content and strength. This clearly took a stance and gave reasons to support, but left out arguments on health of smokers and inhalers of second hand smoke.
This ban has plenty of supporters and opponents. It's great to see people discuss this and rationalize the policy, because it is a big deal. However, an anger fueled rant, doesn't help the situation. This policy is going to happen; hopefully, it does good on campus.

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