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Plans for a new Nordstrom in Ridgedale Mall

Nordstrom announced Friday that it plans to open a store in Minnetonka’s Ridgedale Center. The store will have two levels and will be sized approximately 172,000 square feet, according to the Pioneer Press. In 1992, Nordstrom put in its first Twin Cities store at the Mall of America, along with its outlet, Nordstrom Rack.

The company has planned to tear down one of the Macy’s stores at Ridgedale for its new store, but Macy’s hadn’t agreed to that. Nordstrom retracted its statement later on Friday, “calling the comment ‘premature,’ and said only that it planned to open a store at Ridgedale -- location to be determined,? according to the Star Tribune.

The new Nordstrom store is expected to boost traffic at Ridgedale, but many department stores usually try to keep Nordstrom out because it’s extra competition. As department stores have consolidated, Nordstrom could now make plans to move in.

Frank Guzzetta, chairman of the Macy’s division that oversees Macy’s Midwest operations said no plans of moving the current Ridgedale Macy’s stores have been approved and that he would rather Nordstrom open its new store in downtown Minneapolis to “strengthen the locale,? according to the Star Tribune.

Nordstrom’s target customers are people whose income is $100,000 or more, as reported by the Pioneer Press.