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Indian spiritual leader dies at 85.

Well-known and followed Indian spiritual leader Sri Sathya Sai Baba, 85, died Saturday of respiratory failure, said his doctors in an article for CNN. His followers in India and other countries overseas considered him to be a living god said CNN.
Sai Baba was credited by millions of followers as having supernatural powers including the ability to conjure objects out of thin air, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.
The majority of Sai Baba's followers were Hindus, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.
Skeptics of Sai Baba thought he conjured simple magic tricks to fool his followers and worshipers, said The Hindu Business Line. Sai Baba had set up numerous foundations to help the poor, including The Trust, which was aimed at education, health, and drinking water quality for lower classes, reports The Hindu Business Line. Sai Baba had battled with his health for the last 28 days before his death, reports The Hindu Business Line.

St. Paul police are investigating a shooting that led to one man's hospitalization late Saturday night, reports the Star Tribune. According to police, officers responded to a fight in the 400 block of Clinton Avenue late Saturday, reports The Star Tribune.
While on the way to the address, police received reports of gunfire in the area, reports The Pioneer Press. On arrival at the scene, police found a man with a gunshot wound to his torso, reports The Pioneer Press.
The unidentified man, 18, is in serious condition at Regions Hospital, reports Kare 11. No arrested have been made, although police report several fights that occurred while people were leaving the same party, reports Kare 11.

On Thursday morning around 8 a.m. Kimberly Yeong Sil Hull, 25, was struck and killed on the intersection of 15th Avenue and Forth Street in Dinkytown, reports The Minnesota Daily. The truck driver that hit Hull remained at the site for hours after and was very cooperative with police. The man was not arrested, as reported by the Minnesota Daily.
Hull was on her way to her job at the University of Minnesota's Rarig Center when the accident happened, reports The Star Tribune. Hull was a senior at the University of Minnesota, and was scheduled to graduate in two weeks, said the Star Tribune.
Police said that the warm weather is bringing out more cyclists who aren't used to being as vigilant about their surroundings, said The Republic. Minneapolis police are urging everyone to use caution near the University of Minnesota, where 3 other traffic/pedestrian accidents have occurred in the last week, reports The Republic.

Minnesota women makes up story of service.

Local Minnesotan Elizabeth McKenzie, 20, is being charged with impersonating an officer after she made up a story about one year of service to the US Army in Iraq, reports UPI. McKenzie's arrival home from Afghanistan was celebrated by her local town Cass Lake in a celebration for returning troops, says UPI.
Though McKenzie isn't a tribal member, the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Honor Guard gave her a blanket and an eagle feather to mark her service, which was still unknown to be phony, reports the Star Tribune. McKenzie also made up that she was seriously injured while serving the country, reports The Star Tribune.
"Before a departure ceremony last year that was held at the town's American Legion hall, she posed in an Army battle dress uniform and told supporters she would be serving overseas with the Army's 302nd Battalion, 16th Regiment Military Police, an apparently fictional unit," reports The Star Tribune.

An Applebee's restaurant in Madison Heights, Michigan is under fire after mother Taylor Dill-Reese said that her 15-month-old son was served alcohol instead of apple juice, reports CNN.
A similar incident occured about 1,000 miles away Friday night at an Olive Garden in Lakeland, Florida where Jill Vanheest claimed her two-year-old son was served sangria instead of juice, reports CNN.
Leaders at Applebee's and Olive Garden declined to be interviewed over the situation, reports USA Today. Applebee's did however issue a statement regarding a new juice pouring training for all employees and new regulations about drink container policies, reports
Both boys were taken to local hospitals and released with no long term harm done, reports TIME.
The mix ups reportedly happened when juice pouring containers were mixed up with liquor pouring containers, reports TIME.

Storms in the South kill 17 people

Violent storms ripped across Little Rock, Ark. and Jackson Miss. overnight Thursday and into Friday, killing 17 people--said authorities to The Baltimore Sun.
Six of the seven deaths occurred when wind uprooted trees and they smashed into houses, as reported by the National Weather Service meteorologist John Robinson in The Baltimore Sun.
In total, over 100 tornadoes blew through the South on Saturday and many power lines were blown down as a result of the storms, reported CNN. Three of the deaths resulted from trees smashing into parked mobile homes, CNN reported.
The storm system also damaged dozens of homes, businesses and churches Friday afternoon, reported The Star Tribune. Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley declared a state of emergency for the entire state over the weekend as a result of the storms, reported The Star Tribune.

Five people killed in suicide attack in

A suicide bomber dressed as an Afghan soldier attacked a joint NATO/Afghan force base in eastern Afghanistan Saturday morning killing five NATO troops and four Afghan soldiers, reported The LA Times. The bomber was wearing a vest packed with explosives at the entrance to the joint force base, said Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Mohammad Zahir Azimi in an article for the LA Times.
The Wall Street Journal reported that the suicide bomber was part of the Taliban. The Taliban claimed that the attacker was an Afghan National Army recruit, reported by the Wall Street Journal.
CNN reported that only five foreign soldiers were killed. CNN also reported that the blast wounded eight more soldiers and four interpreters.

University of Minnesota students "mowed down" by car

Three University of Minnesota students were involved in a hit and run near 12th Avenue at about 2 a.m. Friday morning, reported The Star Tribune. "Someone shouted that a car was on the sidewalk, and pedestrian Katelynn Hanson spun on her heel to see a pair of headlights bearing down on her and her two friends," said the Star Tribune in an article.
Minneapolis police are still looking for the driver that left one of the three students critically injured on Friday, said Kare 11 in an article. Two of the three students have been released with minor injuries and are expected to fully recover, said Kare 11.
The driver of the car was going the wrong way on 5th street when it drove onto the sidewalk, hitting the three victims, reported the Minnesota Daily. Police are looking for a white Toyota Camry or Solera with damage to the front end, where it hit the students, reported the Minnesota Daily.

Minnesota Vikings have questionable year ahead.

The Minnesota Vikings want to pitch in around 30 to 40 percent of the cost of a new stadium, reports the Minnesota Daily. The Vikings are offering the money in light of recent state budget cuts, according to The Minnesota Daily. According to a study by CSN Bay Area, the Minnesota Vikings have done the seventh-best job of drafting new players in the NFL over the past five seasons, reports the Daily Norseman.

Shooting rampage leaves Dutch town in shock

A gunman went on a shooting rampage at a shopping mall Sunday in a small Dutch town in the Netherlands, according to Reuters. Six people died, including two children, says Reuters in an article. The gunman shot and killed five people before turning the gun around and killing himself, reports BBC News. Officials said that the gunman had permits for five weapons, but it is unknown whether or not one of the five was used in the shooting, according to BBC News.
In another article, CNN reported that 16 people total were injured. The gunman is identified as 24-year-old Tristan V in an article for CNN.com.

Houston area at high risk for wildfires

Someone from the Texas Forest Service said that this past Sunday was the single worst fire day in the state's history, as reported by ABC Local 13. So far, the largest fire has burned more than 71,000 acres of land according to ABC Local 13. Firefighters battled a wild fire Sunday that burned nearly 400 square miles across the state, reports The Associated Press. The fires from Sunday miss several historical monuments including the Army cavalry fort and Fort Davis. The fires also missed one of the world's leading astronomical research facilities, this all according to The Associated Press. In total, the fires from Sunday burned more than 230,00 acres in Texas, says Reuters. The fires destroyed 80 homes and critically injured a firefighter, according to Reuters.

Obama and the deficit

President Obama has suggested plans to raise taxes for anyone earning over 250,000 dollars a year, reports the Wall Street Journal. His other plans to reduce the national deficit include cutting funding for Medicare and Medicaid, reports the Washington Post. USA Today reports that the total cuts to the national budget total $38.5 billion, which doesn't include the raised taxes on the wealthy. The White House doesn't believe the short-term deficit is being added to by Social Security, says USA Today.

A new version of the state higher education funding bill proposed Tuesday in the House of Representatives seeks to cut $306 million statewide from higher education funding, as reported by the Minnesota Daily.
The legislation would cut $161.9 million from the University of Minnesota alone, reports the Minnesota Daily.
"Put simply, I had access to high quality and reasonably priced public education," said Monte Bute in an interview for Minnesota Public Radio, "If today's political climate had prevailed then, it is unlikely that I would have taken those tentative first steps at a local junior college.
A Georgetown University study projects that by 2018, 70 percent of Minnesota's new job openings will require post secondary education, as reported in an article for Minnesota Public Radio.
The legislation also bans spending toward human cloning, reports The Star Tribune.
The University of Minnesota total spending will be cut by 13% after the budget cuts, reports The Star Tribune.

Tsunami damage estimates are expected to continue rising

After wiping out homes, businesses, schools and and other buildings, the tsunami damage estimates for Japan total $300 billion, as reported by CNN.
Damage from the earthquake was not localized to Japan, as Hawaii reports damage upwards of $10 million, reports The Honolulu Civil Beat. Damage to state property alone in Hawaii totals $3 million, according to The Honolulu Civil Beat.
Damage from the earthquake is not limited to property damage, as Australia reports over
$2 billion decreases from exporting profits (Japan is Australia's second largest trading partner), reports ABC News.
"Damage to crops will be close to $2 billion," said Australian Treasurer Wayne Swan in an interview for ABC News, "and the loss of activity to the tourism industry is expected to amount to $400 million."

Jennie-O recalls almost 55,000 pounds of ground turkey

Jennie-O has announced a recall of nearly 55,000 pounds of turkey meat Saturday after 12 people were diagnosed with salmonella poisoning, as reported by KTLA.
The recall affects approximately 54,960 pounds of frozen turkey products sold in 4-pound boxes, according to a statement from the U.S. Department of Food and Safety Inspection Service in an article for KTLA.
The meat in question, was reported by CNN as being, "All Natural Turkey Burgers with seasonings Lean White Meat," with a expiration date of December 23rd,
2011. The recalled meat is sold by Sam's Club exclusively, reports CNN.
The products were packaged November 23rd, 2010 and were not recalled until this past Saturday, reports The Star Tribune. People have reported illness in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Washington and Wisconsin over the past four months, reports The Star Tribune.

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