Applebees changes policy after two-year-old is served alcohol.

An Applebee's restaurant in Madison Heights, Michigan is under fire after mother Taylor Dill-Reese said that her 15-month-old son was served alcohol instead of apple juice, reports CNN.
A similar incident occured about 1,000 miles away Friday night at an Olive Garden in Lakeland, Florida where Jill Vanheest claimed her two-year-old son was served sangria instead of juice, reports CNN.
Leaders at Applebee's and Olive Garden declined to be interviewed over the situation, reports USA Today. Applebee's did however issue a statement regarding a new juice pouring training for all employees and new regulations about drink container policies, reports
Both boys were taken to local hospitals and released with no long term harm done, reports TIME.
The mix ups reportedly happened when juice pouring containers were mixed up with liquor pouring containers, reports TIME.

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