November 29, 2006

DUE Thursday


Remember do bring in all documentaion for your freelance project "up to date".

Deliverables due:
A creative brief for your client
A project estimate for your client
Time Tracking of your progress (what were you doing? and how long?)
Your Invoice (or fake invoice to your client that shows what this might have costed based on your time or set project fee)
The Work (as much as you have done to this point)

Some of you have turned this in...remind me who you are on Thursday. Thanks!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I am excited for the senior show.
See you soon,


October 15, 2006

4355 Changes for this week!


On Friday I tried to send you al a mass email about the changes to 4355. i noticed tonight then you never received I just resent it. Below I will restate the important changes:

1. The deadline for Project 1 and 3 is moved way back to 11/16 (November!).

2. OUR Tour Next Week is getting pushed back ONE week to the 26th of
October! up to class in McNeal next week, and bring things to work on.

I hope you enjoyed the weekend.
See you soon,


September 6, 2006

Welcome to the 4355 fall 2006 Blog

I have started this Blog to use as a group resource for sharing ideas and questions this semester. You should all be able to post comments to the entries that I start then continue your own discussions from that point on. These comments are be sensitive to privacy and do not post anything you wouldn’t want others to see or read. Lets keep the topics and subjects relevant to design, the design community, portfolio and our course 4355. I hope you all can use this as tool this semester. I will start a thread in each of the main, portfolio advice, Senior Show, questions, resources and general. I will add categories and new discussion areas as needed...all you need to do is add comments. I will also add you all to a list for notifications of new postings. If for any reason you would like this email notification sent to a different address or you want to be removed from the list...please let me know.

I look forward to sharing links, comments and questions with you all.

Good luck this semester,