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January 29, 2007

Group A and B


Because of the large size of this class I have split the class into 2 groups (a and b). Last week I spouted out who was in which group. Please let me know via email if you are still wondering what group you are in and I will send a reply. Group A will meet this from 5:15(for those who can make it) to when we finish (I hope thats no later then 9pm). If you have class before portfolio, please show up at 6:15. When you arrive please sign in your name on the white board. I will go top to bottom (first come first to serve).

Group B (you have the night off, but same applies to you next week) Tuesday Feb 5 at 5:15

If for some reason you can not stay any later then 8:10 please let me know. I want to give each of you some one on one time and I know this will be a rush as it is. Plan to bring your work to class to discuss. What projects do you have that you think are portfolio worthy? What is questionable? What is trash? Think about it, before you bring your work to class. want to show your best stuff, you want to be jazzed about it and you want to have more then 3 projects in your portfolio! Sound easy right... it's not.

I will not be sending out you assigned group unless you contact me via email

I am looking forward to seeing your work. See you soon,


January 23, 2007

No office hours Today.


I have a board meeting at the U before class so I will not be in room 250, but I will be available after class until 8:30 to answer questions if you have them.

Sorry, for the inconvenience.
See you later,


January 17, 2007

NSAC Advertising Group

This was written on the white board in class.

NSAC meets on:
Wed 4pm
Sat 10am

Contact Matt Nyquist at OR Brandon Miller if you have any interest in getting on a team as a designer.

This is an opportunity to work as a group with others of the ad world.

January 16, 2007

Portfolio 4355 Spring Blog

I have started this Blog to use as a group resource for sharing ideas and questions this semester. You should all be able to post comments to the entries that I start then continue your own discussions from that point on. These comments are be sensitive to privacy and do not post anything you wouldn’t want others to see or read. Lets keep the topics and subjects relevant to design, the design community, portfolio and our course 4355. I hope you all can use this as tool this semester. I will start a thread in each of the main, portfolio advice, Senior Show, questions, resources and general. I will add categories and new discussion areas as needed...all you need to do is add comments. I will also add you all to a list for notifications of new postings. If for any reason you would like this email notification sent to a different address or you want to be removed from the list...please let me know.

I look forward to sharing links, comments and questions with you all.

Good luck this semester,


Okay Dave .COM

Check out your peer from Portfolio Center and how he talk about design concepts for Mondavi wine. Listen and learn, but keep in mind the school is called "Portfolio Center".

Learning to speek about your work with passion is not easy, but a must in this business.



AIGA Portfolio Advice

Check this link for details about AIGA Portfolio One On One. This is THE local event for graphic design portfolio advice and it happens every spring.


Start Your Local Firm Research with TYRO3

So, as I mentioned the first day of class, I worked on this site with Katie Kirk and Jeff Hoehn my last year of school and I still think it's the best resource for local firms and design shops. Check out the lodge and have some fun...


Ryan Carlson Contact Info

This week we had the pleasure to meet with Ryan Carlson from the advertising firm Colle+McVoy.
Please feel free to send him a thank you...hint, hint.

Below is some contact info for our guests:

Ryan Carlson
Senior Designer
612 305 6000

Colle + McVoy
400 First Avenue North, Suite 700
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Jobs and Firms around the US

Here is a link to a great site to start searching for design jobs around the country...if you plan to move that is. Remember if you are interested in a city, you could use this to start reseaching firms in those areas.

Good luck,


SPC Career Center

Don't forget to use this on campus resource. They want to help.
Also, signing up for the mentorship program at the U is a great way to learn from the professionals.

Rock on,


Get a box!


You do plan on having something to put boards in at the end of the semester right? Below are a few places to think about if you are looking for a standard case:

Penco Graphic Supply
(612) 333-3330
718 Washington Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Blick Art & Craft
Fairdale Shoppes
2389 Fairview Ave.
Roseville, MN 55113
(651) 636-2818

Blick Art Materials
Yorktown Mall
3509 Hazelton Road
Edina, MN 55435
(952) 831-6061

Fastportfolio Online

Some of these options are expensive so remember to bargin hunt. Places like Ax-man, the Goodwill, Salvation Army, and the local hardware store may have options as well if you are creative.

Sort of interesting read...

If not... more power to you. Be original and find something at a thrift store, garage sale or craigslist... its great to bring your creative thinking to your case as well as your projects.

Good luck,


Aquent Resources

Aquent (a staffing agency) has a page of interesting videos and resources that you should view in you free time. The annual survey of design salaries is located here as well. Check it out.