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February 13, 2007

Senior Show 2007 Timetable

Senior Show 2007

Timetable: Tuesday 2/12: Start brainstorming about ideas/theme/concept/name for the 2007 DHA Senior show. Everyone can volunteer for one or more "committees" that will be responsible for aspects of the exhibition. Here are some examples of committees:

• Exhibition concept theme planning
• Budget/fund-raising/awards (this will entail developing a budget, thinking about additional funds needed, and also soliciting awards from local design firms)
• Invitation/poster design
• Exhibition design
• DHA Senior Show yearbook? Publication?
• Exhibition installation/deinstallation
• Exhibition reception/party
• Off-campus location
• Publicity
• Web site
• Coordinating with other DHA programs

Tuesday 2/13:
Everyone should brainstorm ideas for the theme/invitation/poster, and make decisions about the design direction of these.

Tuesday 2/20:
Make final decision about naming the show, and whether or not there will be an additional Graphic Design Seniors off-campus show.

Tuesday 3/6:
Another brainstorming session about the design of the show: final decision made about invitation design (what will the design concept be, what will it look like, will it be a screeenprint or sent to a printer?): someone does the design

Thurs 3/15:
Send out call for work to all gradating seniors (GD, Clothing Design, Housing, and Interior Design)--up to 8 pieces each (?) Tuesday 3/20: Invitation design sent to printer—order placed (http://www.4by6.com?)

Wed 3/21:
Order vinyl lettering (from Barbara Porwitt—Goldstein Museum)

Friday 3/30:
Invitations received from printer and distributed to seniors

Monday 4/2:
Order catering for closing reception (reception committee)

Friday 4/6:
Send label info emailed to JBB? (jboydbre@umn.edu ---JBB can format and print labels?)

Tuesday 4/3:
Prepare exhibition space at Rapson Hall —patch up walls, assemble any walls as needed

Wed 4/4:
Paint exhibition space Thurs 4/5: Paint exhibition space

Monday 4/9:
Delivery of work to exhibition space and install (Senior Show and directed study students do this)

Tuesday 4/10:
Delivery of work to exhibition space and install (Senior Show and directed study students do this)

Wed 4/11:
Computers arrive from Apple: install multimedia work

Thurs 4/12:
Installation continued, and labeling (Senior Show and directed study students do this)

Friday 4/13:
Labels—and final adjustments (Senior Show and directed study students do this)

Sat 4/14:
Lighting in exhibition space —vacuuming and cleaning (Senior Show and directed study students do this)

Mon 4/30:
Exhibition opens

Sat 5/12:
Closing reception, 3pm to 5 pm

Sat 5/12:
after 5:30 pm: Seniors de-install exhibition and remove work

Sunday 5/13: 9:00 am: S
eniors de-install exhibition and remove work from gallery

Things to do for Senior Show committees:
design of invitation/poster, etc.
design of vinyl lettering
design and concept of exhibition—layout
design of labels (JBB can coordinate label info)
vinyl lettering (approx. $175)
invitations (http://www.4by6.com is a good source--approx. $300)
reception ($300?)
installation costs (approx. $200)
invitation mailing (approx. $250)
how many vitrines?
how are things to be hung?
what supplies do we need?
press release (information to Jim Dozier, Rapson Hall)
University and other PR
Senior Show faculty contact: James Boyd-Brent jboydbre@umn.edu

February 5, 2007

Group B This Tuesday Start at 6:15

Group B,

I know we discussed getting an early start, but I have a U of MN board meeting to attend right up to the start of class. Last week's class did run late; even when we got an early start... with that in mind I would like to see if any of you are open to meeting at another time to discuss and go over your work.

I can stay as long as this takes, but I hate to keep students around if they do not want to stay.
If any of you can meet February 13 before class at a time between 5 and 6pm please let me know.
If we can set that up, you will not need to come this Tuesday.

I am sorry that I am not able to make it early THIS week. I committed to these board meeting last semester thinking that class would always be Thursday night. I will be available the next 2 (the 13th and 20th) weeks before class... so if a few of you can meet then it would really help.

Please send me an email if you can meet at another time.