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Senior Show 2007 Timetable

Senior Show 2007

Timetable: Tuesday 2/12: Start brainstorming about ideas/theme/concept/name for the 2007 DHA Senior show. Everyone can volunteer for one or more "committees" that will be responsible for aspects of the exhibition. Here are some examples of committees:

• Exhibition concept theme planning
• Budget/fund-raising/awards (this will entail developing a budget, thinking about additional funds needed, and also soliciting awards from local design firms)
• Invitation/poster design
• Exhibition design
• DHA Senior Show yearbook? Publication?
• Exhibition installation/deinstallation
• Exhibition reception/party
• Off-campus location
• Publicity
• Web site
• Coordinating with other DHA programs

Tuesday 2/13:
Everyone should brainstorm ideas for the theme/invitation/poster, and make decisions about the design direction of these.

Tuesday 2/20:
Make final decision about naming the show, and whether or not there will be an additional Graphic Design Seniors off-campus show.

Tuesday 3/6:
Another brainstorming session about the design of the show: final decision made about invitation design (what will the design concept be, what will it look like, will it be a screeenprint or sent to a printer?): someone does the design

Thurs 3/15:
Send out call for work to all gradating seniors (GD, Clothing Design, Housing, and Interior Design)--up to 8 pieces each (?) Tuesday 3/20: Invitation design sent to printer—order placed (http://www.4by6.com?)

Wed 3/21:
Order vinyl lettering (from Barbara Porwitt—Goldstein Museum)

Friday 3/30:
Invitations received from printer and distributed to seniors

Monday 4/2:
Order catering for closing reception (reception committee)

Friday 4/6:
Send label info emailed to JBB? (jboydbre@umn.edu ---JBB can format and print labels?)

Tuesday 4/3:
Prepare exhibition space at Rapson Hall —patch up walls, assemble any walls as needed

Wed 4/4:
Paint exhibition space Thurs 4/5: Paint exhibition space

Monday 4/9:
Delivery of work to exhibition space and install (Senior Show and directed study students do this)

Tuesday 4/10:
Delivery of work to exhibition space and install (Senior Show and directed study students do this)

Wed 4/11:
Computers arrive from Apple: install multimedia work

Thurs 4/12:
Installation continued, and labeling (Senior Show and directed study students do this)

Friday 4/13:
Labels—and final adjustments (Senior Show and directed study students do this)

Sat 4/14:
Lighting in exhibition space —vacuuming and cleaning (Senior Show and directed study students do this)

Mon 4/30:
Exhibition opens

Sat 5/12:
Closing reception, 3pm to 5 pm

Sat 5/12:
after 5:30 pm: Seniors de-install exhibition and remove work

Sunday 5/13: 9:00 am: S
eniors de-install exhibition and remove work from gallery

Things to do for Senior Show committees:
design of invitation/poster, etc.
design of vinyl lettering
design and concept of exhibition—layout
design of labels (JBB can coordinate label info)
vinyl lettering (approx. $175)
invitations (http://www.4by6.com is a good source--approx. $300)
reception ($300?)
installation costs (approx. $200)
invitation mailing (approx. $250)
how many vitrines?
how are things to be hung?
what supplies do we need?
press release (information to Jim Dozier, Rapson Hall)
University and other PR
Senior Show faculty contact: James Boyd-Brent jboydbre@umn.edu


4 by 6 does a great job on cards, but hand screen printed is super cool too.


Dustin is looking for theme ideas? Anyone have any?


I had an idea of possibly doing a treasure hunt theme or scavenger hunt theme. We could roll with the term James used when speaking to us, "Vital" (or some form of it). Also, I thought 'First Born' could be an idea because we are the first class of the College of Design.

There was my quick brainstorm.

Hi all! First born sounds really interesting to me...or some version of that concept. Since it is sort of the grand opening of the College to the community, we could play off of that. Not sure where to go with it. Just wanted to respond and through out my quick brainstorm too.

The "first born" could be interesting.

I had this idea of "Turned On". The theme could have to do with a streamlined retro feel of muscle car street races that incorporated speed, anticipation and the excitement of such events. I have some artwork I can bring next class session or post some where for a mean exact interpretation.

I'm also thinking we should go the screened print direction. I think it gives a more spontaneous and unique feel to each poster/invitation, plus fancy production skills never hurt anyone.



Sort of off the "Turned On" Theme but slightly more open to interpretation. I think this one sincerely conveys the process of school and how it shapes/prepares us into a final end product. As I said I'll bring artwork in next week for the look/feel of these.

Another thought is " Stage Left"

This is this list of theme names that we had on the whiteboard.

Turned On
Exactos Revenge
Feature Presentation
Stuffed and Mounted
Catch 22

Also, we mentioned that it would be cool to make a game for this at the show.