May 4, 2007

Our Last Day


Tuesday May 8th is our last day of class and its a big one. As you know I have been contacting designers and working with Kim from the Learning Enrichment office to set up the Second Annual 4355 Portfolio Review night. This is your "final". As part of your Portfolio (30pts) I will be walking the room taking notes over your shoulders as you present books. Be prepared to show and talk about your projects in detail, what type of job you might look for, what you struggle with as a designer this senior year and other informational interview type questions. This group of professionals is volunteering presious time to meet with you so please give them some respect that and come ready to sell yourself. These will be short twenty minute interviews and the plan is to have you sign up for 3 sessions during a 2 hour period. You may the opportunity for a 4th session if time permits. Last year this was a huge success and I am hoping for similar results. Please take this serious, but have some fun too. I understand some of you might be a bit nervous... don't be. They will understand that you are just getting out of school and will continue to work on your Portfolios for years to come. This is your opportunity to get some great advice. As the "teacher" it was not my duty to look at every detail of every project in your book and "get you detailed feedback". I tried to help some, when you asked and when we had time... but the designers coming in will tell it like it is. I am really looking forward to this night because I am proud of the work you guys have accomplished this semester and you should be too.

Event Details:
Tuesday May 8th
Sign In at Rapson Hall (east bank CDES building) 6 - 6:30pm (I know our final time is 6:30)

Sessions from 6:30 to 8:30 or so.
Close and mingle 8:30 - 9pm



April 17, 2007

Firm Tour Crawl

Friday April 27th 2007

I am helping host an all day Firm Crawl of some great places downtown...
I will have hand outs at class, but this is the nitty gritty.

Aesthetic Apparatus
Little & Company
Hunt Adkins
Popular Front

Check class handout for details..

April 3, 2007

Poster Show This Weekend

Are you still looking for an event to write about? Check this should be very cool.




AIGA Portfolio One on One

Portfolio 1-on-1 review sessions will take place on Saturday, April 14th at Solera as far as I know.

Wow. If you guys can get your boards ready you should go to this for sure!! I can not stress how much I think you should all go...regardless of cost and timing with class. Wrap it up, get it in a box...and GO!

Check with AIGA for details. (call them because no details are posted?)


January 16, 2007

AIGA Portfolio Advice

Check this link for details about AIGA Portfolio One On One. This is THE local event for graphic design portfolio advice and it happens every spring.