May 8, 2007

Design Internship

I got this in my inbox today:

Initio Advertising

We are looking for a top performer to fill our paid internship position. The candidate will work on a diverse set of projects from print to web to environmental design. Previous experience and knowledge on projects of these types will be a plus, but not a requirement. Essentials for this position are a strong creative problem solving process and work ethic paired with the ability follow creative direction. Experience in the following applications: Quark or InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator are a must.

Below is some contact info:

Randy Pierce
612 339 7195

Initio Advertising
212 3rd Ave N, Suite 510
Minneapolis, MN 55401

no office hours today

I will be over at Rapson helping to prep our "final" event tonight.

If you have uncompleted OR missing work tonight is the last day to turn things in. Please bring your stuff to Rapson hall. If you want your projects back we will need to discuss a time to set up a pick up off campus after my grades are submitted...otherwise I will just hold on to projects til next semester.
See you there.


May 7, 2007

Summer Gig

I received this last week from Kraig Larson at Ciceron:

Hi all,

It’s favor time. I’m looking to help fill a entry-level designer job out at Jostens in Edina. It’s a contract job, 40 hour a week for the 3 months. They are building out a new web site, and are looking for help in translating Photoshop docs to HTML & CSS, plus production of supporting graphics. So Photoshop and HTML skills are a must, plus some knowledge or at least appreciation of SEO. Jostens is a great local company selling to and supporting high schools and higher ed, and there are lots of cool and talented people working out there, including a couple of close friends of mine.

If anybody comes to mind, please let me know, and I can forward on the contact information.

Kraig Larson
Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer
Ciceron - Web Marketing. Measurable Results.
Phone: (612) 204-1919, ext 15

May 4, 2007

Web Development Intern

Colle+McVoy is seeking exceptional individuals who are interested in gaining hands-on experience in working with some of the best in the industry on some of the most exciting projects available. We’re looking for someone who is innovative, resourceful, and adventurous, with an enterprising spirit and an excitement for new media.

See the JOBS section of for all the nitty gritty:

April 24, 2007

Ex3 Due PLUS...

If some of you feel like you have a portfolio in progress with mounted work in a case...please feel free to bring it to class this week to show others and get feedback. Our class will be a working class time after you sign in. I expect you to be working up in the lab on your boards and/or revisions to previous work OR planning to leave to work on things at home...or buying supplies OR whatever...but I do expect everyone to bring in a "in progress" portfolio Tuesday May 1st (if you do not bring one this week). We will place them out on tables for your classmates to see and comment on. You will have one week to revise(if you choose to do so) based on those comments for our class portfolio one one one event Tuesday May 8th.

I hope all of you are well,
See you Tuesday,


April 17, 2007

Job Opp

Associate Web Designer Position at Capella University. If you are interested in learning more about interactive this would be a great place to kick for a year or 2. As a former employee I only have good things to say about my time spent with this interactive team!

Detail Below:

March 27, 2007

NO Class Next Week


I just talked with Hilary Davis our guest speaker for next week and because we both have conflicts on the 3rd we are going to reschedule her guest appearance to Tuesday April 10th. I know you all are working hard on projects and revisions to your other design work for your portfolio… please continue the great work on the senior show as well. I have a personal conflict that has come up and I will not be able to make it next week. That said, class attendance for next week at McNeal is absolutely voluntary.

I apologize and thank you for be flexible with all the adjustments this semester.
Please continue with Project 3 and revisions to your other work. See you all April 10th.

Grant Eull

Periscope Tour Tonight

This is a reminder that we have a tour of Periscope tonight. Please arrive at 6:30pm.
My cell # is 612 703 8572, please call if you are running late or not able to make it for some reason.

See you later,


921 Washington Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55415 USA

Main (612) 399-0500

March 20, 2007

Class Schedual Changes

I understand we have some confusion about when P2 and 3 are due. They are due on the 17th. Remember we will no be meeting next week and Hilary will visit on the 10th. Have a good week.

4/03 No Class / Work on your own

4/10 Guest Speaker designer Hilary Davis

4/17 Projects 2, 3 DUE / Progress check IN/work in class

4/ 24 Exercises 2, 4 DUE / Progress check IN/work in class

5/ 01 Exercise 3 DUE / Progress check IN/work in class

5 / 08 4355 Portfolio 1 on 1 Event (finals week)
Any updates to Class Projects or Exercises should be handed in at this time.

February 5, 2007

Group B This Tuesday Start at 6:15

Group B,

I know we discussed getting an early start, but I have a U of MN board meeting to attend right up to the start of class. Last week's class did run late; even when we got an early start... with that in mind I would like to see if any of you are open to meeting at another time to discuss and go over your work.

I can stay as long as this takes, but I hate to keep students around if they do not want to stay.
If any of you can meet February 13 before class at a time between 5 and 6pm please let me know.
If we can set that up, you will not need to come this Tuesday.

I am sorry that I am not able to make it early THIS week. I committed to these board meeting last semester thinking that class would always be Thursday night. I will be available the next 2 (the 13th and 20th) weeks before class... so if a few of you can meet then it would really help.

Please send me an email if you can meet at another time.



January 29, 2007

Group A and B


Because of the large size of this class I have split the class into 2 groups (a and b). Last week I spouted out who was in which group. Please let me know via email if you are still wondering what group you are in and I will send a reply. Group A will meet this from 5:15(for those who can make it) to when we finish (I hope thats no later then 9pm). If you have class before portfolio, please show up at 6:15. When you arrive please sign in your name on the white board. I will go top to bottom (first come first to serve).

Group B (you have the night off, but same applies to you next week) Tuesday Feb 5 at 5:15

If for some reason you can not stay any later then 8:10 please let me know. I want to give each of you some one on one time and I know this will be a rush as it is. Plan to bring your work to class to discuss. What projects do you have that you think are portfolio worthy? What is questionable? What is trash? Think about it, before you bring your work to class. want to show your best stuff, you want to be jazzed about it and you want to have more then 3 projects in your portfolio! Sound easy right... it's not.

I will not be sending out you assigned group unless you contact me via email

I am looking forward to seeing your work. See you soon,


January 23, 2007

No office hours Today.


I have a board meeting at the U before class so I will not be in room 250, but I will be available after class until 8:30 to answer questions if you have them.

Sorry, for the inconvenience.
See you later,


January 17, 2007

NSAC Advertising Group

This was written on the white board in class.

NSAC meets on:
Wed 4pm
Sat 10am

Contact Matt Nyquist at OR Brandon Miller if you have any interest in getting on a team as a designer.

This is an opportunity to work as a group with others of the ad world.

January 16, 2007

Portfolio 4355 Spring Blog

I have started this Blog to use as a group resource for sharing ideas and questions this semester. You should all be able to post comments to the entries that I start then continue your own discussions from that point on. These comments are be sensitive to privacy and do not post anything you wouldn’t want others to see or read. Lets keep the topics and subjects relevant to design, the design community, portfolio and our course 4355. I hope you all can use this as tool this semester. I will start a thread in each of the main, portfolio advice, Senior Show, questions, resources and general. I will add categories and new discussion areas as needed...all you need to do is add comments. I will also add you all to a list for notifications of new postings. If for any reason you would like this email notification sent to a different address or you want to be removed from the list...please let me know.

I look forward to sharing links, comments and questions with you all.

Good luck this semester,