January 16, 2007

Start Your Local Firm Research with TYRO3

So, as I mentioned the first day of class, I worked on this site with Katie Kirk and Jeff Hoehn my last year of school and I still think it's the best resource for local firms and design shops. Check out the lodge and have some fun...


Jobs and Firms around the US

Here is a link to a great site to start searching for design jobs around the country...if you plan to move that is. Remember if you are interested in a city, you could use this to start reseaching firms in those areas.

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SPC Career Center

Don't forget to use this on campus resource. They want to help.
Also, signing up for the mentorship program at the U is a great way to learn from the professionals.

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Get a box!


You do plan on having something to put boards in at the end of the semester right? Below are a few places to think about if you are looking for a standard case:

Penco Graphic Supply
(612) 333-3330
718 Washington Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Blick Art & Craft
Fairdale Shoppes
2389 Fairview Ave.
Roseville, MN 55113
(651) 636-2818

Blick Art Materials
Yorktown Mall
3509 Hazelton Road
Edina, MN 55435
(952) 831-6061

Fastportfolio Online

Some of these options are expensive so remember to bargin hunt. Places like Ax-man, the Goodwill, Salvation Army, and the local hardware store may have options as well if you are creative.

Sort of interesting read...

If not... more power to you. Be original and find something at a thrift store, garage sale or craigslist... its great to bring your creative thinking to your case as well as your projects.

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Aquent Resources

Aquent (a staffing agency) has a page of interesting videos and resources that you should view in you free time. The annual survey of design salaries is located here as well. Check it out.