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November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Show!!

I know this is a shamless PLUG, and not design related...but think of this as an oportuntiy to learn from another industry. How does one ROCK? What did a musician give up to start a career in design? head down to the 400Bar (cedar and riverside) this Wednesday to find out!

One of my former projects is reuniting to celebrate a 400 Bar 10 year anniversary for the current ownership (Bill and Tom for those who know them). DETROIT plays with The Sandwiches on Wednesday November 22 at the 400 Bar in Minneapolis. That's the This Wednesday Eve of Thanksgiving. If you know nothing of DETROIT, check out the myspace page about the band.

I bet we go on around 11 or so...
See you at the bar!

Happy Holiday,


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very good idea to post internship on this forum


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