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Your Senior Show

So, from the looks of things I see you are all starting to think about this and want to get organized. I will post previous entry's below and you can use this new category to have a threaded discussion about The Senior Show ("last call").

Best of luck to all of you.


POSTED BY Natalie:

Greetings Sr.’s, James, and Grant,

As unofficial class representative (dubbed so by pickman) it has been brought to my attention that we need to get started on our sr. design show. Now, from what I’ve gathered the Sr.’s seem to think that James was going to email us, and from what Grant says it seems like James has been waiting for us to contact him. Either way, we should get started—

So, I’m starting it by proposing we find a time that we can all meet. I’m thinking either the hour before class on Tuesday (5-6p), or Thursday’s during our portfolio class time (6-8), or perhaps Sunday evenings—I think we should start as soon as possible, and use this blog to help us figure everything out. As Meenal said, “we are a co-op?, so lets get started -- Our show’s only two months away!

Peace out—


It sounds as if you're all in agreement about the title: Last Call. As I said in
a recent e-mail to Heather (Iselin), you should all be thinking about how you
want to handle the design of the invitation/logo of the show---has anyone
stepped forward to take this on? What's usually happened in the past is that
several people have come up with ideas anf then everyone's got around and voted
on the ideas they like the best, and then gone on from there.

I have four students doing a directed study with me---it's specifically to help
with the senior show. Would you like to give them each an area of
responsibility? One of them, for example, is a clothing design senior--she could
be responsible for coordinating all the clothing design in the show--do the
installation, manage the clothing design seniors, etc. What do you think?

If Sunday is the only day that works for you and the others let's meet this
Sunday (Feb 26th) so that everyone can get a clearer idea of what to do and we
can forge ahead.

THank you!

Sunday evenings would work well for me, but I could do it Tuesday before class too. Jacqui and I were thinking it would be fun to meet at different restuarants/bars to check out potential locations for the show, or atleast start getting some ideas. Thanks for starting the chatter Nat- Have a good weekend everyone.

Natalie S

So...I am strongly voting for Thursday nights...

There are a group of us that have GD 4 the hour before class on Tuesdays, and I work every sunday night but would really like to participate in the meetings...

I have e-mailed everyone in each group asking them to attend a meeting this Tuesday night after class to get started on the show. I know it was suggest to have one before the class period, but I figured if class got out early then we could just meet then. Also, if you didn't get an e-mail from me and wanted to be add to the list let me know. I will try to be in charge of communtication between groups.

Hi guys,

I vote for Sunday or Thursday night. I have NSAC meetings directly before class on Tuesdays.

Lets get this show on the road. (no pun intended)