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I have decided to move the deadline for Projects One and Three to 3/21. This is the week that follows spring break. You now have no excuse. Your self-promotion piece and identity should ROCK! Remember these are reflections of yourself and are typically the pieces that potential employees and professional see first. Some of you have come along way, and others I feel are struggling. I understand. This is not easy. Most importantly YOU must be happy with the end system. I hope my opinion counts for something, but I am not your art director or your client. YOU are. We are half way through the semester and we have had some great speakers share thoughts about the industry. I realize this is a lot to take in, and you may just want time to work on stuff, but this is not a lab/studio class. We have one guest left next week and then you will get more time to work on things during class time the second half of the semester. If you have a “portfolio case� chosen please bring it to class. I want to see it and discuss your “boards�. If you have not chosen a case…do so soon. I want to see everyone case during our breakout sessions on the 21st and 28th or before. You are all asking great questions, and I believe you are starting to realize that there is no ONE answer. I know its frustrating. You truly must “find yourself� and stick with what you start to identify with…then toss the other advice to the wind.

Thanks to those of you who are stepping up to work on the senior show and thanks to those you of who have the patience to stay after class to ask you more “personal� one on one type questions. Its time to really ramp things up. I would love it if you all had a portfolio to show on April 4th. I am looking to have 15- 20 designers ready to critique your work and answer your questions. This is a first for this class I can not state the importance of have a well prepared book to show. You will want to “do things over� and rethink after you get all this advice. The closer you are to have a complete book to show…the better the advice will be that you walk away with, thus the more professional you book will be at the end of this semester. Best of luck to everyone!