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Portfolio Reminder


Tonight is our last guest speaker this semester. Hilary Davis a design at Regis Corporation will discuss what it is like to work at an in-house agency and show some of your work. I believe she is going to touch a few other topics as well, but as is the norm, please try to bring questions. You have been great this semester and I would like us to end our guest speakers series on a high note. ALSO, your identity/self-promo is due AFTER Spring Break. A few of you have talked with me and we have worked though the process, but I hope to get a chance to see what a few others our up to. I will be available before and after class as usual. Some of you may want to take off at 7:40 or so to work on the senior show...that too is cool with me. Remember to choose a portfolio case, and bring it to class the weeks that follow spring break so we can discuss it. In those two break out classes I want to hear how your freelance projects are going, and what events you have attended OR plan to attend...

See you all later,