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LAST CALL and Last Class

Hello everyone,

I wanted to kick out one last Blog entry and notification. First off, thank you for making this such a great semester to teach at the U. You should be very proud of the work you put in and the portfolios you have. But, you are NEVER FINISHED. I know as I stated the first day of class you will REDO EVERTHING, or just burn your book and start over very soon. The first year out in the field is amazing and I hope you will all share will me your experiences as you transition to design professionals. I probably will lay of checking the U email soon after class ends, and I am sure you will all get new email addresses as well, but if you ever need to contact me or just want to check in I can be reached at grant @tyro3.com. I would be happy to share advice and stay in touch. Anyway, best of luck to all of you. I will see you on Tuesday at 6PM (final time for our class). Heather has a few last things to do for the off campus Last Call event and I will bring back Journals and projects so that you can take them with you. Don’t forget to fill out the course survey online (you should of received emails about it)…and remember to send me a screen version of your portfolio if you have not done so.

Here is a podcast with some interesting advice (corny analogy trying to be funny) as you go job seeking. It was kicked to me by Rich Higgins at Regis and I thought I would share it with you. Please don’t take offense…
Thanks for the heads up. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you in on a hilarious little podcast episode I'm listening to. The name of it is: Be A Design Cast 13 : Getting A Job Is Like Dating. I think all your students should have to listen to it.
It's by a trio of designers from Omaha, NE. They talk about anything design (Boot Camp, logos, Fresca, Rosewood, etc.).
It's at http://www.beadesigngroup.com/
I'm sure your busy but it's fun to listen to while you work.
Happy hunting, and have a great summer,