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Thanks and good luck

I just wanted to post one last time and thank you all for making this semester a great one. You did a excellent job creating a memorable senior show and you portfolios really came together in the last few weeks. The next few months will be difficult and frustrating for some of you as you try and land job experience, but do not let it get to you. Just stick with it and something will come your way. It just take more time for some of us. If you remember Hillary and I both did freelance and contract work for almost a year before landing full time positions. It’s a cut throat industry and you need to remain focused and passionate. Anyway, if you want to stay in touch over the summer you can reach me at grant@tyro3.com. I will be adding some of you to the friends section of www.tyro3.com when I get to my next database update. I am back in school working on my marketing masters and kicking some promotional ideas for Flashbelt around as well. I plan to launch a web portfolio site this summer as well…so look for emails from me in the months to come.

Again, great job and best of luck.