September 11, 2007

THIS Site No Longer in use

Sorry, this site is no longer in active use. I have since moved most of this content to other locations.



August 17, 2006

One Last Post before the summers end


I just wanted to let you know that I will be teaching portfolio at the U again next year. Both semesters. Also as some of you know I have a new gig at Colle + McVoy. Things are are things with you? Let me know your job status and whats new...I may have an opportunity come my way for those of you still looking. I would love to hear how your summer is going... The best place to reach me is via my personal email ( FYI, I will be taking this BLOG down to make room for Fall content, but thanks for all the comments and feedback. I hope all is well.

Best to all of you, stay in touch.

Grant Eull

May 22, 2006

Thanks and good luck

I just wanted to post one last time and thank you all for making this semester a great one. You did a excellent job creating a memorable senior show and you portfolios really came together in the last few weeks. The next few months will be difficult and frustrating for some of you as you try and land job experience, but do not let it get to you. Just stick with it and something will come your way. It just take more time for some of us. If you remember Hillary and I both did freelance and contract work for almost a year before landing full time positions. It’s a cut throat industry and you need to remain focused and passionate. Anyway, if you want to stay in touch over the summer you can reach me at I will be adding some of you to the friends section of when I get to my next database update. I am back in school working on my marketing masters and kicking some promotional ideas for Flashbelt around as well. I plan to launch a web portfolio site this summer as well…so look for emails from me in the months to come.

Again, great job and best of luck.


April 18, 2006


I will not be at the U until class time, but I can stay later and answer questions if needed. Sorry, something came up.


April 11, 2006

Paint The Gallery Tonight

Heather has asked me to ask you all to please, please help prep the gallery tonight. We do not have a ton going on (except the freelance project IS due). I will be around for is the norm. But, it would be great if you could wear some "rags" and help Heather finish painting...

I hope you can help!

See you all later,


April 7, 2006

Change What Is Due

Everyone in 4355,

I know that some of you are meeting about the senior show this weekend and are still working on the presentation format. So, this part of Project 4 will not be DUE on Tuesday. I may not have you turn things in to me...and have you hand the in to James for the show, but I need to think about this. Also, just so you know, your Freelance Project and documentation IS DUE Tuesday. We can discuss other changes related to the senior show at class.

Thanks again to all of you for working to get your portfolios up to phase one par for the showing we just had. Much appreciated!

have a great weekend.


March 28, 2006

OK Dave?

So, last Friday a number of you attend some design studio tours downtown. At our last stop Jay Miller of Imagehaus started talking about some girls from Portfolio Center stopping by and how amazed he was about the way they explain projects. Well here is a site from David Gilliart a recent graduate of Portfolio Center. Since its launch in February this site has over 150,000 visitors and he has received much praise...including site of the day and props from John Nack, Senior Product Manager, Adobe Photoshop.
Imagine showing your work to 150,000 people in one month?

Check out the wine project when you get some time. Think he is looking for work in Minneapolis?

March 27, 2006

Portfolio Reminder

Remember to sign up for the Potfolio Review on April 4th if you have not done so. You are required to attend.

Contact Carli Braun to registar for this event:
Carli Braun, M.A.
Career Resources Adviser
Student Services and Alumni Relations
University of Minnesota, College of Human Ecology
612-624-1204 Fax: 612-625-7234

FYI... a few students in the mentorship program that are not seniors attending this event as well.

March 8, 2006


I was just sent this. They are looking to hire very soon so be quick to respond if you have interest.
What a great real world opportunity.

Industrio* is seeking a talented, motivated, well-rounded individual for full- or part-time graphic design internship. Creative candidate should possess not only a strong portfolio, but also excellent communication and organization skills, acute attention to detail, strong conceptual skills, and must be able to work in a team environment as well as on your own with some direction.

Qualifications: Proficient in OS X and Adobe CS2 (including inDesign); 4-year bachelor’s degree in related field (or working towards a degree) or equivalent experience (0-1 years of work experience in graphic production, printing, prepress or related graphics field).

To be considered, please send 3-5 non-returnable printed samples or email PDF files/web portfolio (no more than 2MB and subject: INTERNSHIP) along with your cover letter and resume to:

Bridgette Hanson
10000 Highway 55, Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55441

No phone calls, please. We’ll contact qualified candidates for an interview. Start date: April 1, 2006. This is a paid position. Program length negotiable, 3-6 months.

March 1, 2006


I have decided to move the deadline for Projects One and Three to 3/21. This is the week that follows spring break. You now have no excuse. Your self-promotion piece and identity should ROCK! Remember these are reflections of yourself and are typically the pieces that potential employees and professional see first. Some of you have come along way, and others I feel are struggling. I understand. This is not easy. Most importantly YOU must be happy with the end system. I hope my opinion counts for something, but I am not your art director or your client. YOU are. We are half way through the semester and we have had some great speakers share thoughts about the industry. I realize this is a lot to take in, and you may just want time to work on stuff, but this is not a lab/studio class. We have one guest left next week and then you will get more time to work on things during class time the second half of the semester. If you have a “portfolio case? chosen please bring it to class. I want to see it and discuss your “boards?. If you have not chosen a case…do so soon. I want to see everyone case during our breakout sessions on the 21st and 28th or before. You are all asking great questions, and I believe you are starting to realize that there is no ONE answer. I know its frustrating. You truly must “find yourself? and stick with what you start to identify with…then toss the other advice to the wind.

Thanks to those of you who are stepping up to work on the senior show and thanks to those you of who have the patience to stay after class to ask you more “personal? one on one type questions. Its time to really ramp things up. I would love it if you all had a portfolio to show on April 4th. I am looking to have 15- 20 designers ready to critique your work and answer your questions. This is a first for this class I can not state the importance of have a well prepared book to show. You will want to “do things over? and rethink after you get all this advice. The closer you are to have a complete book to show…the better the advice will be that you walk away with, thus the more professional you book will be at the end of this semester. Best of luck to everyone!


February 14, 2006

Bring work to QRIT

I may have forgotten to mention this last week, but the idea of a CRIT (critique) is to have visuals and ideas to please bring work in progress for you self-promotional (mailer/leave behind) and you identity projects to class so we can discuss them as a group. I want you to get comfortable talking about your work so be prepared to share with the class.

I will try to send some email reminders as well as this notification.
Bring questions if you have them. I am excited to see your in progress ideas.

ALSO, we have some changes to the class schedule:
The portfolio review has been moved to April 4th.
The Initio tour has been swapped with guest on the 21st of February.

That is we are going to Initio NEXT WEEK. We will need to set up some car pooling to get there. The address is 212 Third Ave N (the colonial warehouse building) Suite 510 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401

This is in the warehouse district of downtown. If you are willing to help others get downtown please speak up at class on Tuesday. If you do not have transpiration please let me know as well. I would hope that you could bus from the U, but I may need to delay our start time, to account for travel and want to know if that is the case.

Lets talk about this at class.


February 8, 2006


Are you guys getting this? I need to fix the link it kicks back to...for some stupid reason it sends you back to the U library? Below is the link to the main Blog Page.

The most recent post is always on top. I will ty to add a few more things Friday.
What did you all think of Jay Miller winging it last night? I thought he was very informative and entertaining. He is so on when he talks about the development of a brand and how being a designer is much more then just creating visuals.

February 7, 2006

Welcome to the 4355 Blog

Hello Everyone,

I have started this Blog to use as a group resource for sharing ideas and questions this semester. You should all be able to post comments to the entries that I post and start your own discussions from these comments. These comments are be sensitive to privacy and do not post anything you wouldn’t want others to see or read. Lets keep the topics and subjects relevant to design, the design community, portfolio and our course 4355. I hope you all can use this as a reference this semester. I will start a thred in each of the main, questions, resources and general. I will add catagories and new discussion areas as needed...all you need to do is add comments. I will also add you all to a list for notifications of new postings. If for any reason you would like this email notification sent to a different address or you want to be removed from the list...please let me know.

I look forward to sharing links, comments and questions with you all.

Good luck this semester,


P.S. I have added links to my Tyro3 site as well as AIGA at the right just to start your research