April 25, 2006

Senior Show Update

The website is live as off 04/24

please send off to anyone you would like to come.

The invites:
Are almost ready to be printed within the next two days they should be done.

Please start thinking of how many you will want and who you will be sending
it to. Remember we are targeting designers for this show, so if you want to
work somewhere it would be good to send it to them.

I will be getting numbers from you in class.

The posters:
The posters need to be finished. We have one layer on the 150 we made to do.
If anyone can help please let me know.


March 27, 2006

How is The Senior Show Going?

Could one of you post an update to the Blog on the progress? I know you have been meeting, but I have no idea how this is coming together. Give me an update...and may be I can help.


February 24, 2006

Your Senior Show

So, from the looks of things I see you are all starting to think about this and want to get organized. I will post previous entry's below and you can use this new category to have a threaded discussion about The Senior Show ("last call").

Best of luck to all of you.