Feds close 'rodent-infested' food warehouse in western Wisconsin

This week Pioneer Press reported on a warehouse in Ellsworth, WI was seized after officials found several live rodents along with their nests and droppings in and around stored food. More than 1,500 cases of food were taken by the U.S. marshals. The owner, Mark Reisdorf, believes that the building does not pose a significant health hazard. He explained how the officials were there for eight days and saw three mice, which according to him, isn't that high of a number for a 70,000 square foot building. The company has also had other issues with trying to get a state license. They passed the inspection, however, the license was not granted since the check bounced. They also received complaints after trying to distribute food while under state embargo. The owner is unsure of what steps he should take and the future in not clear.
This story deals with proximity in where the food is being distributed. Yes, we live in Minnesota, however we could possibly be purchasing these products that are being made in a questionable environment. There is also conflict present in this story. The owner denies a lot of the claims brought up against him. Whether he's conflicted with himself, the policies, or both, is up in the air. This is a very disturbing story, however, it makes one feel a little comfort that these places are being inspected and brought down so potentially dangerous products cannot be brought to the market. Luckily, no one has gotten sick, but that could always be a potential outcome.

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