Twin Studies

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I found the section in chapter 3 in the text book about Twin Studies very interesting. A twin study analysis how traits differ from identical twins and fraternal twins. Identical twins are monozygotic meaning they originate from one zygote, while fraternal twins are dizygotic because two different sperm fertilize two eggs instead of one. Identical twins share 100 percent of their genes and fraternal only 50 percent.
A twin study looks at how identical twins are more similar than fraternal. They look at different traits of each. For example if identical twins are similar in intelligence and fraternal are not then if shows that intelligence can be genetically influenced. This study is a good way to study the Nature v. Nurture concept. They can use twins to see what is genetically influenced and what is caused by environment.
I found this particular section interesting because I am an identical twin. My brother and I are similar in many ways. I feel if we were being studied we would be great examples of what traits are from our genes and what comes from our environment. The only problem with that is that we grew up together so it would be a little more difficult. As we grew up we became less alike. We dress differently now, and some of our biggest differences is our taste in music, food, and how we act socially. So it seems to me as we got older we became less and less alike. One thing that still puzzles me about this is how two people can share 100 percent of their genes but still be two completely different people(although we are also alike in many different ways.

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