Sand Animation

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Video Example:

Our own video:

Another type of sand animation:


Materials Needed:

-Different colored sand
-Mylar sheet
-Light table

-Popsicle sticks
-Tissue Paper
-Paint Brushes

1. Prepare your station.
-Gather all materials needed
-Tape the mylar sheet to light table The sheet helps with the clean up process.
-Put your camera on a tripod. Putting your camera on a tripod is important for this process so that the animation is consistent and unified.
-Turn on the light table. The light table helps give your animation an even light and helps the sand stand out against a solid, bright background.



2. Brainstorm an idea for what your story is going to be and what your objects/characters will be doing.

Note: It is easier to sand animate if you use basic forms and abstract concepts. For example: Use moving circles and lines to tell your story, rather than trying to create people or animals out of sand. Once you get more familiar with sand, you can challenge yourself by creating more elaborate subjects.

3. When you start to make something out of sand, only build a part of the shape/character at a time. Then, take a picture.


4. Add more on to the character and/or make it move little by little, taking a picture after each addition or movement.


Note: Experiment with using different ways to move the sand, such as adding (additive process) sand to an object to make it grow, or taking away (subtractive process) sand to spell letters.

5. Import the images into photoshop, as shown in class, to make an animation video.

6. Sound can be added to the video by using garage band, as shown in class.



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