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Analysis: meeting/press conference

CNN.com covered a story on Saturday, October 13 with the headline "Bush crusades for free trade as support cools." In his weekly radio address at the Radisson Miami Hotel on Saturday, Bush encouraged Americans to support free trade, as "protectionism" will not support economic expansion. The Associated Press's article, which is about 500 words in length, includes four direct quotes in total. The rest of the article paraphrases the message Bush relayed in the address. The quotes capture and support the basic point of the article and, though they are accurate, they seem to be pulled to fit the context of the story.

Because the (White House) press release is so lengthy as it precisely provides Bush's speech word for word, the article has to be brief, but straightforward and easy to comprehend for the readers. The article interprets the press release well and translates the jargon-filled vocabulary so the audience will be able to comprehend the issues addressed in Bush's speech.