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Antisocial violinists could have instruments seized

Two of Britain's classical violinists have been told that their instruments could be taken away from them by antisocial behavior officers if they continue to play Mozart or practice scales at home, reported London's The Times Saturday.

Oliver Morris and Hazel Ross, both 25, are graduates of the Royal Northern College of Music striving for a successful career as freelance violinists for major British orchestras.

Contrary to complaints reported by a neighbor to the Manchester City Council, the couple claim that they rarely practice at home for more than two hours and that they do not practice every day nor in the evenings, The Times reported.

The couple has received a formal warning, signifying that their behavior must stop or else they are subject to forcible entry to their flat so their violins can be seized.

The musicians are worried that this may jeopardize the future of their careers.

Shortly after they moved in to the suburban development, Woodlawn Court, Morris said he visited each neighbor "to tell them that they might hear the sound of violins and that if they wished for peace and quiet to let them know."

The couple is considering moving as Ross said, “We like it here and are very happy here apart from this, but as musicians, we need somewhere we feel comfortable to practice. We are quiet people really, who like to keep ourselves to ourselves.?

Manchester council's director said the situation could have been settled in a more rational manner. She also said that she "will investigate this case to bring about an early resolution in a more satisfactory way and regrets that a letter was issued indicating legal action at this early stage," according to The Times.