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Seventy-two-year-old man donates sperm to father grandchild

A 72-year-old man is going to donate sperm to try and help his son and daughter-in-law conceive a child due to the husband being infertile, The Times reported Saturday.

The case has caused controversy not because of the family relationships, but because of high level of risk that results from genetic damage accumulated by sperm as it ages. "Raised paternal age is a risk factor for autism, schizophrenia, achonodroplasia (dwarfism), Down's syndrome and congenital defects," The Times reported.

Allan Pacey of the British Fertility Society said, "You could say that if everybody is happy they should go ahead, but God forbid if there if there’s a child born with a problem. It would be delicate to explain to that child that it might be the result of its grandfather’s 72-year-old sperm.?

The article states that it is, however, common for infertile men and women to use sperm and eggs donated by siblings.