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Teenagers shoot DHL delivery driver

According to the Star Tribune, two teens decided to rob a DHL delivery on their way home from school Monday before shooting him.

Nathaniel Collins, 16, and Dempsey Brown, 17, were both charged with "felony first-degree assault and juveniles in possession with a gun," the Star Tribune reported. "Collins was also charged with being an accomplice after the shooting."

The two boys blamed each other for the shooting of driver Dwayne Greer, according to the criminal complaint.

After Greer tried to drive away from the boys who ordered him out of the car, he was hit in the pelvis by Brown. Doctors were afraid that paralysis may result from removing the bullet from his body; he was released from the hospital Monday, said the Star Tribune.

Collins said that Brown put the gun in his backpack, so he tried to get rid of it by bringing it to a friend's house, who ended up not being home.

Investigators, however, found three photos of the gun that Brown took with his cell phone shortly before the shooting, the news source added.