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Unsubstantiated child porn allegations against ex-school board member

St. Paul police claim that the allegations former St. Paul School Board Member Al Oertwig viewed child porn last March in a public library are unfounded, reported the Star Tribune Tuesday.

The accusations caused Oertwig, 62, to resign from his position in April to save the organization from distraction and because he lost his credibilty as a board member, the Star Tribune said.

"My ability to be a spokesperson on behalf of kids was diminished," Oertwig said.

Although there is no evidence to prove any child porn viewing, a folder linked to Oertwig's library identification number did contain adult erotica and pornography, according to the police report. Oertwig did not blatantly admit to viewing the images, but he made an ambiguous statement that could be inferred as admitting guilt.

Oertwig does not have any intention to run for the school board in the future.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press provided additional information in their report on Monday:

"On March 30, Metropolitan State University security called St. Paul police to the campus library and reported a community user had been viewing what appeared to be child porn on a library computer, according to a police report."

A security officer described the porn the man had been watching as "three adult males wearing leather hoods over their faces and having sex with three juvenile males." The identification number of the man using the computer at the time belonged to Oertwig, the Pioneer Press reported.

When the computer files were investigated none of the images matched the descriptions and did not contain minors, according to a supplemental police report.

Regardless, the images would not have determined identity of party.