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Analysis: records/CAR

South Mississippi's WLOX 13 reported on November 11 that homes that were, at one point, meth "factories" are being sold before the new homeowners are informed of the house's history.

"An actual methamphetamine in a vapor form is actually released during the chemical process. It goes into the walls, the ventilation system; the ventilation system circulates it through the house. This stuff in and of itself is dangerous," Narcotics Task Force Commander, Curtis Spiers, said.

The article explains that Mississippi does not have laws that require the meth remains of the meth labs to be destroyed, WLOX said.

It appears that WLOX uses one public record to provide information within the article--police records. They directly explain that the records revealed that 125 (Mississippi) homes were once meth lab sites, which serve as homes to new, unsuspecting home owners.

The reporter did not necessarily need computer skills to find this public record source, searching online archives or the like was not required because the local police were able to supply more useful information. Perhaps this is owing to the fact that there may not be much published information on numbers of ex-meth-lab houses in Mississippi.