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Tips for women battling a bulging stomach

According to the Star Tribune, surveys reveal that the stomach is the body part women most often say they would like to change.

The flat stomach that these women desire can be attained by: reducing intake of artificial sweeteners; eating fewer high-fat meals, avoiding lactose-containing foods; avoiding antibiotics if possible; decreasing or releasing stress, the Star Tribune said.

"Our bodies have a limited ability to rapidly absorb certain sugars, which can lead to gas and bloating," the Star Tribune said. The article then continued by saying that one should settle on using aspartame (Equal), saccharin (Sweet'N Low) or sucralose (Splenda)--all artificial sweeteners--because they are "absorbed more easily by the body."

"Fat in the small intestine inhibits the stomach from emptying," according the Star Trib, so one should "limit their daily intake to one-third of their daily calories."

The article mentions that many surprising foods contain dairy, therefore it is important to read labels and make note of when you feel bloated or sick.

Antibiotics, the Star Tribune said, get rid of beneficial bacteria in the small intestine, thus resulting in bloating and gas.

"Chronic tension" may cause one's body to store more fat around the middle, so finding roughly 15 minutes to relax every day is beneficial if you want to bump that hump.