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When a woman's (walking) wiggle is most attractive

A new study proves that the way a woman walks changes throughout her monthly cycle, London's The Times reported Wednesday (according to CST).

The most seductive walk (or wiggle as it is referred to in the article) occurs when a woman is least fertile. "If she flaunts herself too openly at fertile times she could be made pregnant by an unsuitable man, so women may have an evolutionary interest in sending out mixed messages," Meghan Provost and her team, from Queen's University in Ontario, said.

Waist to hip ratio is an important factor when judging female attractiveness, as European men prefer those with a waist measurement that is 70 percent of their hip circumference. Preferences do, however, vary from culture to culture experts said.

New Scientist magazine reported that ovulating women walked with smaller hip movements and their knees closer together; a group of 40 men in the study rated women in the less fertile part of their cycle to have the sexiest walks.

The article also points out that Provost's results contradict other research that says men respond more to women who are ovulating and most fertile.