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Lesbian pushes for sperm donor's financial support

A lesbian who used donated sperm to conceive a child with her partner rationalized Tuesday why the donor should provide financial support, according to London's The Times.

Andy Bathie, 37, from Enfield, north London, said he was assured he would have no personal involvement nor hold financial responsibility for Sharon and Terri Arnold's children after he donated his sperm.

Bathie said that he is "having money stolen from him by England's Child Support Agency, which was "forcing him to pay thousands of pounds in maintenance for the boy and girl, aged 2 and 4, cared for by the couple, who have now split up."

Terri Arnold said that Bathie had acted as a father to their children for a large portion of their lives. "He was a father to the children, a dad. He played a father's role for two years of their, well, my daughter's life," she said.

Terri admitted that originally the plan was for Bathie to simply act as a donor, but that he changed his mind and wanted to be involved, according to the Times.

"At the end of the day, I believed it would be beneficial for my children to have their father involved. He wanted that responsibility," Terri said.

The CSA said that the biological parents were financially responsible unless the child is legally adopted. Only licensed, anonymous sperm donors are exempt from being treated as the legal father, said a CSA spokesman.

"[Bathie] approached us to take on the father's role, not the other way around," Terri said.