Blue Sky Brainstorming Sesh

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I found an interesting page online about running a brainstorming meeting (see below).
Research Link

My intentions to get a group of people together that were not all alike was to have a brainstorming session via Skype. This idea was not encouraged though, so I ended up getting a group of friends together.

I really enjoyed the series of events we did in-class for the tape dispenser brainstorming, so I tried to follow that as much as I could.

Step 1: Get into the Brainstorming Mood

First we did some exercises (volleyball warm-up) to increase our dopamine levels and then ate cookies to further inspire ourselves : )

Step 2: Do an initial 10 minute speed session
As in class, after each idea was drawn, it was quickly presented and then laid out onto a table for inspiration.


Step 3: Encourage the Creative Juices

To help mix things up and encourage that no idea is a bad idea, I introduced the negative brainstorming. This made everyone a lot more comfortable since there was no worry to be embarrassed.

Step 4: Finally Cross-Producting
To finish up the brainstorming, I used the same list of cross products I had found for the sink/basin theme and tried to apply them to the specific straining theme.

Total Idea Count: 54
IPM (Ideas per Minute-per person): 0.36 (5 people, 30 minutes)

After all the ideas were formulated, we did some silent sorting. It is very interesting how everyone thinks similarly even when no words are being exchanged. We ended up with the following categories: Improved Classic Strainer, Process Changing, Niche.

To narrow down the results, we each chose our favorite 5 ideas and then I selected 20 of those to be posted below. (each picture also has an added title below it to clarify those that did not get titled when drawn)


Picture 2.png
Table Strainer- Sarah Gilbertson, Speed Session
Interlocking Strainer- Brandon Nelson, Speed Session
Jelly (silicone) Strainer- Sarah Gilbertson, Cross-Products

Picture 3.png
Strainer Cover- Khushal Mehta, Speed Session
Strainer Basket- Nick Kuehn, Speed Session
Disposable Strainer- Brandon Nelson, Cross-Products

Large Slotted Strainer- Chris Hui Luo, Speed Session
Pot with Drain- Sarah Gilbertson, Negative Brainstorming
Collapsible Strainer- Chris Hui Luo, Cross-Products

Absorbing Powder- Sarah Gilbertson, Negative Brainstorming
Spaghetti Strainer- Sarah Gilbertson, Cross-Products
Bowl/Strainer Combo- Brandon Nelson, Speed Session

Strainer Bag- Khushal Mehta, Speed Session
Multi-tier Strainer- Chris Hui Luo, Speed Session
Sword Strainer- Sarah Gilbertson, Cross-Products

Multi-Purpose Strainer- Sarah Gilbertson, Speed Session
The Evaporator- Nick Kuehn, Speed Session
Sink Strainer- Khushal Mehta, Cross-Products

Funnel Strainer- Chris Hui Luo, Speed Session
Two Layer Strainer- Nick Kuehn, Speed Session

Comments: It is a lot harder to actually organize a brainstorming session than it looks. I forgot to tell the participants to title their drawings at first, which made it much more difficult afterwards to remember what each did. Also, its really hard to keep people rapidly producing ideas when they are not used to it. I was a little disappointed that the quantity not quality message did not make it across as much as I would have liked. I think most people have been taught the opposite most of their lives and its a difficult thing to overcome in a half hour.

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