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Quarter Gallery

There was a pair of paintings titled the Pinwheel Series by Drew Peterson that stood out to me. They were screen printed on paper. The artist used a combination of numerous colors and designs that created an overwhelming emotion. I felt like the painting created a cacophony of music, but somehow all the sounds came together and were beautiful rather than ugly. I really liked the details in the images and how it was complex in the center, but toward the edges it was less full of pictures.
Another piece of art that I liked was an oil on wood set by Jamie Winter Dawson. There were two that especially stood out. One had a dark red background and had blue streaks on top. There was a lot of texture in the paint and the wood gave it depth as well. The other piece by her was similar but instead of looking natural like the first one, it was bright green with blue blotted around on it. I thought the differences between them made her varying style stand out since the first painting used more color variations than the other and less bold colors as well.