The Power of "Moderates"


Today, ran an article about how, because Joe Lieberman is opposed to it, Democrats are considering dropping an expansion to Medicare that they had been proposing. Although this isn't necessarily a bad thing (it all depends on you political philosophy and party affiliation) it is still very interesting to see how powerful one "moderate" senator can be. (I use quotes for the word moderate because it really just means that you share a number of views with the opposite party, not that you have moderate views.) When one party or another desperately needs votes, they are often ready to appease fringe members of both parties by giving in to their demands. It's really crazy how, in the United States, just one or two people are able to shape the debate on an entire issue. It will be interesting to see how the Democrats treat Senator Lieberman if they gain or lose a few votes in next year's election.


I think it is very surpirising how powerful Joe is, but the democrats have no choice but to listen to him as they need the 60 votes to pass the bill fillibuster proof. I espeially nessecary sice Joe has said he would be part the fillbuster. I think that moderates are so important in congress because they just like swing states in elections ofen determine the outcomes of votes. In my opinon it would be impossible for democrats to have 60 members of congress and none of them moderate, ifits not Joe Liberman it will be someone else. It is also important to look at which moderate repulicans swing to vote with the democrats.

This is also very interesting, because Joe Lieberman was one of the original senators who proposed this ideas. Makes it interesting to see how quickly someone can change their mind on certain specifics of a bill. I have to agree, however, with your point that Lieberman is an essential senator to the Democrats, being the key 60th person for the filibuster. Without his vote, it will very difficult for the Democrats to throw their weight around how they see fit. It makes you wonder how different things would be if the Democrats hadn't dropped Lieberman from their ticket in '04, since he's now an "Independent" party senator.

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