Experiment on Using tablets as laptops

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Robert Schoenberger used a Samsung galaxy for 6 weeks instead of a traditional laptop. Like most experiments, it does not have much external validity. However, since this reporter was the only test subject, I would say even the internal validity isn't that great.

What it does a good job is comparing the pre test (using a lab top) to the experiment (using a tablet) The reporter did everything he normally did with a lab top on a tablet. He spent a lot of his article breaking down his results. What was harder, easier and the same.

For PR practitioners and adverisers, this experiment could be extremely useful. Schoenberger is an opinion leader for the tech world. He not only reports on new technology, he also likes to be a trend setter in technology. He shows that people are starting to use tablets for more than just entertainment. This means that PR professionals should start stratizing how to reach publics on a tablet format. Especially PR for computer companies, starting to push tablets, work on pushing work related apps, and test how the companies are being perceived will be an important part of how the company is perceived.

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