PEW Study on Millenials

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The PEW Research Center has created a personality profile of the millennial generation. Millennials are individuals born after 1980. PEW surveyed 2,020 adults in a cross sectional survey, over sampling millennial aged adults in January 2010.

The study is a combination of psychographic and demographics that generalize attitudes and the make up of the upcoming generation. There were also question about attitudes toward elders, and relationships with their parents.

What I found most interesting was that this study was primarily quantitative research, there was a follow up open ended question to see how/if millennials felt they were distinctive. I found the mixture of demographic, psycho-graphic and even more personal questions (i.e. relationship with parents) very interesting. It appears to be a very in depth study.


I also found it interesting hoe PEW chose to report its results. There is an executive summary and a copy of the full report. But there is a quiz "How millennial are you?" which is a quiz that comprises of 14 key questions that were deemed key elements of being a millennial. The quiz then shows how everyone else who took the quiz answered the questions. I found it an interesting way to get people to look at the study,and understand how this generation is generalized.

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