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This is an add for Target's wedding catalog. It is one of the first pro GLBT ads from a major department store.

This ad came out during the marriage amendment debate in Minnesota before the election in November. During this time Target came out for the "vote no" movement. Beside this act, they sold shirts with rainbows on them, a common GLBT symbol. Target is based out of Minneapolis. Through research, Target knows a decent amount of their costumers are part of or support the GLBT community.

The wedding ad is not the first time Target has gotten involved in politics. In 2010, the company supported a candidate that was not in support of the GLBT community. People were extremely vocal about their displeasure of Target's political support.

I believe part of the reason Target came out so supportive of the Vote No campaign is because of the media crisis in 2010. There was a decent amount of backlash for Target in 2010. The wedding ad had more of a goal than promoting registering at Target. The ad was meant to show Target;s support of the GLBT community, a community that makes up a good amount of "guests" at the department stores. I think part of the reason for the ad was to make sure to negative press from 2010 would not come back to haunt the company,

I think the ad was successful, In a buzzfeed blog, the ad was named as one of the 60 best things for the GLBT community. No one is talking about the incident in 2010 anymore and the general view of Target is positive.

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