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bell hook

I think that bell hook did a very well job in explaining feminism, and creating a better understanding of it for me. Personally I don't have much of a backround in feminist studies. I also come from a family backround which is very traditional with a male dominated culture. After watching the film and listening to bell hook explain that feminism is not just about women wanting to be a dominating figure like many male figures in our society today but rather being equals to their male counterparts. Furthermore I like how she adds that it is about equality not just at work but as well as in the home and all aspects of life. I think that after watching her film it will help me greatly in my understanding of the course and feminism in general.
However there were a few aspects of the film that I found to be bias or slightly of the subject for feminism. That is that there was a great deal of attention given to minority women. I feel that minorities, particularily female minorities, are not fairly represented, but their voices are just as important as anyone else who has something to be heard. I do not disagree with what she was saying but rather that she should have focused on more of the womens role, both in film and in daily life, and not so much on defining the female character as black or white.


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