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Bell Hooks

Hook's is a truly remarkable woman. She knows and understands how the
media portrays people among race, class and gender. She taught me how to
look at how people are portrayed within movies or shows. For example, when
a black man was hired instead of a white man to play the role of a thief or
bad guy. When asking the director why he chose a black man he didn't have a
straight answer. This is why media is shaped by us and the way people
establish it. Some strategies and key theories she employs include that you
need to look at media knowing that you have already been brainwashed before
by stereotypical thoughts. The main thing I learned from Hook is to look and
evaluate everything. How the woman is looked at up and down, in a frame
square. How people of color are played as bad or stereotypical low class
people. How men are looking at woman. These all make more sense to me know
that she put this in clear view. I guess I never knew that most of the
media industry is controlled by white men. White men usually have the same
point of view on theories like these. She hints that the white man is the
reason behind the race, gender and class scrutiny in films, images, and

This has made me think more critically about the movies I watch. I found it
interesting that the male gaze is used so inappropriately. Mulvey explains
the male gaze as a world ordered by sexual imbalance. A traditional
exhibitionist role women are simultaneously looked at and displayed, with
their appearance coded for strong visual and erotic impact so they can get
this to-be-looked-at-ness. I agree with her, men stereotyped us to be a
piece of meat. Like in the rap videos, they are hardly wearing nothing and
dancing around the man like he is a god. I have learned that it is who is
behind the camera that makes decisions how how people are portrayed. Before
Hook's I was not looking understanding that women are portrayed as sex
objects, white male dominant, people of color are played as usually bad and
lower class because I am brainwashed by how society is. She wants people to
understand and watch things how they interpret it, not how the media wants
us to.