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Bell Hooks

I have little experience with viewing films critically, so I thought Bell Hooks’s interview to be very motivating. She stated that anyone is capable of thinking critically about film. Having an opinion and considering what you are viewing is important. By not responding to a film, intellectually, one is almost giving in to the Hollywood nonsense that is out of control in our society. Hooks emphasized that when critiquing or analyzing a film, one should recognize gender, race, social status etc…simultaneously. This opens the viewer‘s analysis to the whole picture, not just singling out one issue. For example, usually the issues of race and status go hand-in-hand in the movie world. Hooks expressed the power of film in pop culture. Pop culture plays a huge role in the way people learn and interpret society. It was stated that the media has control over our imaginations. That is an unsettling thought for me. Another strategy for analyzing film, was to pay attention to stereotypes.

The example Hooks used was the “thief image?. Most people know what a stereotype is, but sometimes I think we look past them, especially when it comes to film. For my future film viewing I will definitely be paying more attention to the roles and images of the female characters. In fact I have already begun to change my viewing habits, last night I was watching The Hulk, and was very attentive to the “male gaze? and the framing of the female character. One last important comment; Hooks made the statement that it is still possible to critique a film, and be impacted/ moved by the story. I think she was making the point that we don’t have to feel miserable about every film we watch, however, we should still be aware of the reoccurring issues in cinema, specifically pertaining to the female characters.


I agree with this post on how I felt when watching Cultural Criticism and Transformation. I realized a lot of the things i watch I understand but don't realize. Also, the ideas that are portrayed by Hollywood are those of question that as viewers, we should be thinking more critically about.

I also haven't had a lot of experience on analyzing films, but I agree too that this film is going to make me think more about stereotypes, and how race/gender is portrayed in movies. It made me realize how the filmmakers try to force their ideas on us and I will be thinking a lot more about what they are really trying to say in their films.