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bell hooks

I have read bell hooks' philosophy before and I must say its nice to finally be able to put a face to the name. I tend to agree with her ideas on cultural criticism. We must be conscious of the power that pop culture has in creating systems of oppression. I found the OJ trial part interesting, as I had never really thought about how race was used as a smokescreen for the patriarchy surrounding that ordeal. I loved the idea of "mock feminism" in films like Waiting to Exhale. Movies like that one show how important it is to be able to see through patriarchal rhetoric in order to become what hooks refers to as an "enlightened witness". I can't have a blog about hooks without mentioning "white supremacist capitalist patriarchy", since that seems to be one of her favorite phrases, but I think it emphasizes the need to focus on the interconnectivity of all parts of identity, not just race or gender. I can't help but wonder: would it be possible to include a word like hetero-sexist or homophobic to that long string of words?
hooks has really challenged me to think more critically about pop culture. I'll never watch a film the same way again.


It always gets me when the fight for feminism is used as a tool to spread more oppression and stop the discourse of decolonizing our mind. One might feel that important issues are simplified and then amplified in mass media to keep us away from the core issues that we are confronted with. I was just amazed by the O.J trial and the carnival it became in the U.S.. The one-dimensional vision of race politics prevents us from starting an honest conversation about instituionalized racism.