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bell hooks

I felt that the most moving part of this movie was bell hooks' title argument, on the idea of critical thinking and transformation. That the ability to view media and the the world in away that you become an “enlightened witness� and through this enlightenment can change their own lives more so than could monetary gain or social capital. Her theory of the White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy summed up the state of our society better than did the previous terminology of racism, sexism and classism. Our social structure has been set up in a way that reinforce stereotypes of violent hyper masculinity and over-sexualized femininity, that in turn reinforces the power structure mainly that which keeps old rich WASP men on top. She argues this through the discussion of both womens framing and objectification in film as well as showing us how media glorifies/celebrates male sexual violence and violence in general. Also in her talk of Spike Lee and Madonna she demonstrates how the system can work for and against pop culture icons. Madonna considered a feminist by graphically and publically displaying her sexuality and Spike Lee being reviewed as a failure, because his movies didn't make sense to white viewers...but ultimately just because he is black. Her talk definitely helped me to rethink film and to view it more critically by seeing these underlying concepts for what they are, namely a framework for societies structural of oppression of the Other.