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Bell Hooks

After watching the Bell Hooks film "Cultural Criticism and Transformation" I felt like I hadn't notcied a lot of the ways filmmakers try to force their ideas and perspectives onto the viewer of the film. In the movie "Kids" I thought the rape scene was really disturbing because it was almost as if the director tried to make the rape ok because of the way the boy was saying nice things to the girl while it was happening, not that she could hear him anyway, and trying to make it look like he wasn't forcing himself on her, but he was. It is scary to think of a young boy watching this film and then think it is ok to do something like this because it was portrayed in a way that didn't look like rape, when in fact it was. I think that after watching this film in the future I will notice more the ways the filmmakers try to portray different kinds of people in the manner they believe is the right way, when really it is just their opinion on how that person should be. For example, in the film "Smoke" I thought it was interesting how the character of the black boy wasn't written specifically for a black character but the personality of the character caused the director to pick a black person because the director thought that is who would represent that character better. But why did a black person have to play that character? It wasn't necessary, it was just the way the director viewed the character, which then forced anyone who watched that film to view that character as black.


I completely agree. In the movie "Kids" the director tried to make the rape scene look innocent. Rape can never be innocent, and it's not ok to give people that idea. I also agree that racial profiling was a major issue in films made not too long ago. I do think that directors have improved unpon stereotyping, but it will never fully go away.

I agree with what you said about the movie "smoke". I don't think there was any good reason for the director to pick a black boy for the character other than his closed minded views of what a black male represents. I also agree with your thoughts about the movie "kids". It is very unfortunate that young boys and sadly even young girls could watch this film and because of the way it was edited and scripted they could view it as anything less than disturbing and wrong. It scares me to think that something like this could ever been seen as acceptable.