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Bell Hooks

Bell Hooks made me reaize that, when it comes to film-watching, I am completely oblivious.  I look back now and I can see all the racial profiling, gender discrimination, and stereotyping that took place in many of my favorite films. I will now watch movies with a more critical eye.  In the movie "Kids" it was greatly disturbing to see a girl get raped "gently".  Rape is never ok, and the fact that the director portrayed it as "gentle" thing makes me think he was trying to make it ok.  Also, I realize that race plays a big part in movie roles.  If the director doesn't cast people of all colors, shapes and sizes, he is seen as a racist or as fitting a steroetype.  The "bad guy" can't always be Black, but he can't always be White, Asian, Mexican, etc. either.  There are plenty of films that portray non-black criminals now days, so I'm not too concerned about films having a racist nature.


I know exactly what you're saying about feeling completely oblivious. Most people (who don't sit and analyze films on a regular basis) never think twice about the little things that go into film-making. It's crazy to think so critically now, but I definitely think it's good to do, because it's important to identify where we, as a society get our stereotypes/negative information from.

I completely agree with you about feeling like you're "oblivious." I blogged about the same thing in how I feel like I've been an "idle viewer" and mindless consumer of these subliminal social commentaries. However, I disagree with your lack of concern for films with racist undertones or "nature." Just because films have "non-black criminals" or nonwhite criminals, I think it's important to keep in mind that this is still an important issue. A film may have people of color, and it may portray them in honorable roles, but I can find racist undertones in the most well-intentioned films. I think that on the face of it, our film and television industry is still severely lacking in the presence of people of color. I think the point of the exercise is to continue to be mindful because problems like this don't just disappear, people just start ignoring them by calling the issue "solved." (Example: Feminism).

I agree with your views completely! I also was oblivious to the male gaze and how rape was partrayed as gentle in 'Kids.' I found it interesting to watch and to find out. I think back to so many movies and think about how women are usually featured in some frame or the close up body shots, or slow motion hair or body shot. It is something not usually thought about because it is so common. It is interesting to notice it in more detail now!

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I agree with the huge problem of racism and sexism in movies and with directors portraying characters in the way they wish to portray them. My blog was also somewhat like this talking about how directors and the people behind the scenes in movies play such a huge role in what we see or think about the film.