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Bell Hooks

I found the Bell Hooks documentary to be very enlightening. While I've taken other feminist classes as well as film classes she brought some new ideas to light for me. I thought the most interesting point, something I hadn't really thought of before, was the journalist she brought up who wrote the review on Spike Lee. It made me realize that those who do not watch films critically, and maybe some that do, often rely on reviews to help them decide how they feel about films. Often these reviews reflect the opinions of "typical" society. I think it's crucial to not only watch films critically but to also watch them without the bias of another's opinion. After watching this documentary I hope to never read another film review again- unless it's written by a feminist! I was also intrigued by her response to the O.J. Simpson case. I find her refusal to give people only what they want and her fight against the main stream very inspiring. To say that the murder of Nichole Simpson came domestic violence was probably the most profound statement I've heard about that case. I feel that in every thing that Bell Hooks says she is really getting to the core of the issue and making us think about what things really mean instead of what society thinks they should mean.